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Zeni Geba ep7+8+9 (Final) Review :)

Finally another one Series finished :)
(Okay I am done with Q.E.D. too) (Only 2 eps of Arifureta kiseki and about 5 of Voice and Mei-chan left and I'll be done with the ones of this season ... not so many this time .. strange)

So episode 6 ended with Futaro in jail. Of course we all knew he has bribed the brother of the restaurant girl doing the bad deed.

He receives 3Million Yen of it ... it will turn out later that this is just a small portion of his debts. But more on that later.
The cop will later visit Futaro again and ask him for the money to save his wife. So one more of the upright persons down:

Back at home he makes his motives and deeds clear to the "family", especially Akane is hurt by it, because Midori "knew" it already.

When he has finished, Akane follows him to ask if he never even liked her a tiny little bit. Of course Futaro is "honest" as hell to her, telling her that he never cared about ehr and it is completely irrelevant what happens to her:

Shortly after the restaurant people found out that the brother was the one to blame, the go over to Futaro to apologize ... he get's really mad at them and yells them out:

This is up to where episode 7 goes .. well not completely sicne Akanes role is really over. Coming back home she is hanging from the ceiling.
In episode 8 Midori has a rather harsh talk with Futaro at Akanes side:

She even tries to stab Futaro, which he easiely avoids. He tells her that she wanted to see his end , and not become him by killing someone.

Back to the restaurant people. The brother has a debt of 20 Million Yen, and the yakuza threaten the owners to sign a life inshurance, and probably will kill them right afterwards. To safe them, the young girl meets up with Futaro, to ask for money. She wants to give her body in exchange:

As she undresses, he throws he onto the bed and agrues with her, asking her "why" because he thought she was at least different from anyone else. So here we have another downfall of the upright. Since he figures that something must be up , he visits the restaurant. There he is begged to led them the money. And as he refuses the owner even tries to stab him.
So from this time on, Futaro knows everybody is money crazy in this world as he expected.

After all this, Futaro decides to die and Midori will watch from afar how he blows up:

But with this said ... what is up with 45min ep9? A big happy end when Futaro is dead?
Well we get imho one of the best last eps for most of the part. It's because Futaro recaps his life as it could have been if it would have gone normal. He'd met Akane, fell in love with her, presented himself goo to her sister:

Akane can get cutely angry for him paying to much attention to her beautifull sister:

Midori can shine as the dorky older sister that goes drinking until morning and blew the first meeting with Akanes dad:

Of course they'd marry:

And have childern and so on. It is a real small family / romance dorama. I would have watched this in a length of 12 epsiodes too :P

Haru-chan (the maid) seems to return to the household too (in "reality"):

And interestingly a dog is digging in the garden:

I wonder who lies there .... the missing friend the father buried there? Or possibly Midori after beeing killed by Haru :P (not really possible because Midori is shown afterwards alive) ... but in this series is everything possible.

And with everyone (except Midori) beeing revealed as to some point beeing money crazy, the series ends with a speech of Futaro telling us all that we are all money crazy...

I think this is a rather intruging message for all of us :)

To sum up the story:

We have a pretty predictable plot, where Futaro seems to get everything done by killing and deceiving people. In the end, when he has all the money he wanted he finds that having the money isn't making happy as he thought.
On the other hand, he prooves himself that everybody is money crazy if just paid enough.
Even our hero of justice, the young girl of the restaurant people ...

The story leaves us to think, on which basis we'd probably be the ones bought over by money...

I think this show is really good, and even with the darker setting and the gloomy mood it is really entertaining. And especially the last episode is great :)


Great ending, huh? I would like to watch 12 episodes of the lighter, "alternate" reality drama too. They all look so happy there.. and Futarou's dad is such a good dad :(

From the scene on the boat, I wonder if Akane actually heard all those things Futarou said when he closed her ears (in the real world), but pretended she didn't. That would be really terrible..

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